Using's verification technology, partners may leverage digital identity and target the following affinity groups with special benefits or offers.

Group Affiliation Verification
Group Credential Name


Troop ID


Student ID

First Responders

Responder ID


Teacher ID


Government ID


Employee ID


Alumni ID

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Try the API in seconds. Create your first request by following the steps below.

Begin by clicking the Verify with button and signing in.

Sample User Flows

The typical flow begins at one of our partner websites, where an end user may see an verification button during registration or in the checkout flow.

Step 1: Checking out at


When the user clicks a verification button, a popup window opens and they are taken to's website to verify their status in the selected group. Before verification begins the user must either sign in to an existing account or create a new account.

Integration Options's technology is designed to be flexible and scalable. Our partners are able to integrate anywhere to cater to their specific requirements and user experiences. Below you will find integration options that suit multiple user experiences, our In Cart/Checkout Full Integration being our most popular option.

In Cart/Checkout Full Integration In Cart/Checkout Hosted Solution Within Account SSO Landing Page In-Store
Seamless UX
Increased Loyalty/Repeat Purchases
Increased New-to-File Shoppers*
Increased Conversion Rates
Reduced Operational Costs Yes Yes** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Valuable Data for CRM and Retargeted Marketing Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time to Integrate 3 days < 1 day 3 days 3 days 3 days 3 days
Attracts ‘Pre-Verified’ Users Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prevents Duplicate Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Prompt Re-Verification Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

= Large Impact

= Moderate Impact

= Small Impact

* This is also dependent on partner marketing of the program

** Getting started, In-cart hosted solution requires lowest level of effort

The integration options presented have been widely adopted. However, there are many different ways's technology can benefit your platform. If you have a unqiue user experience or use case, please Contact Us to discuss how can help improve your ablitiy to verify user affiliation.

In Cart/Checkout Full Integration’s standard full integration offers a seamless user experience that allows customers to easily apply group discounts at checkout. Since customers are trained to look for and apply discounts at checkout, this integration has proven to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates by up to 4X. It has also shown to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Ua example 01

Getting Started

To get started with an integration you’ll need to do the following.

  • Sign up for an developer account.
  • Register one organization for your company.
  • Register an application for each website property that will need access to authentication data.
  • Contact to translation missing:

Once users complete authentication at, the partner sends a request to’s API to retrieve user attributes.

Upon application registration, you will immediately have access to the application details page which will list the client_id and client_secret your OAuth client.