Brand Assets

The Logo

Please feel free to use our logo, but please also bear in mind that we're picky as to how our logo is displayed. Two versions of our logo are provided to help you pair with your color scheme. We request that you do not change the logo's appearance in any way.

The Colors has a distinct color palette that you may choose to incorporate into your own design. Below are our primary and secondary colors used throughout our brand.

  • #2FC877
  • #32A1E1
  • #353334

The Buttons

The following image assets can be used for each of affinity groups. Simply save the image or copy the image link.

Primary Buttons

Troop Responder Government Student Teacher

Alternative Buttons

Troop Responder Government Student Teacher Button Widget

The following code snippet can be used to add the button widget to your app. This widget only supports a full page redirect to the authorization endpoint.

<span id="idme-wallet-button" data-scope="military,responder,student,teacher,government" data-client-id="[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]" data-response="code" data-redirect="[YOUR_REDIRECT_URI]" data-op="signin" data-text="[AFFINITY GROUP] receives [OFFER] with" data-show-verify="true"></span><script src=""></script>
Parameter Values Description Required
data-scope military,responder,student,teacher,government Defines the group affiliation you are requesting permission to access. Required
data-client-id [YOUR_CLIENT_ID] The client identifier received during app registration. It is automatically generated and can be found in your application dashboard. Required
data-redirect [YOUR_REDIRECT_URI] The url the user gets redirected to after authorizing an app. Set by the developer within the application dashboard. Required
data-response code or token The OAuth 2.0 grant type - Authorization Code (code) or Implicit (token). Required
data-op signin or signup Sends the user to's signin or signup page. Optional
data-text Example: Military members receive 10% off with A recommended parameter that displays a custom offer description within the Button Widget. Optional
data-show-verify true or false Displays the "Verification by" text. Defaults to true. Optional
data-width Example: 100px or 100% Sets the width of the Button Widget. Optional
data-state Example: 24730b6d A parameter to carry through any server-specific state you need to protect against CSRF issues. Optional